Beaumaris, Victoria


Design and Construct


Victorian School Building Authority


7 months


New Learning and Activity Hubs delivered ahead of schedule 

Built Environs worked closely with Beaumaris Secondary College to design and construction an exciting new facility at their operational campus, completing the project 6 weeks ahead of schedule.

To accommodate the growing enrolment capacity needs of the school Building A - Learning Hub was extended to three levels for Art, Technology and Design, and new Learning Community spaces were added. The existing Art space was also converted into two new Science spaces, as well as landscaping, civil works, a sensory garden, art deck, delivery driveway access and a services compound.

Building B - Activities Centre was expanded from a single-storey Food Technology building to include a covered outdoor learning and an external amphitheatre.

Fast Facts:

  • Completed 6 weeks early with 0 LTI's recorded
  • Three-level extension for arts, technlogy, design and collaboration
  • Existing art space transformed into a science space
  • Extended food technology facilities
Beaumaris 1920x1080