Customer: VSBA

Contract: Design & Construct 

Location: Beaumaris, Victoria 

Construction Period: 11 months

Project Capabilities

Community Sport & Leisure

Fast Facts:

  • Expansion and conversion of three-level Arts, Technology and Design building and new Learning Community spaces
  • Landscaping and civil works, including a sensory garden, art deck, delivery driveway access and services compound
  • A covered outdoor learning space
  • The 11-month construction was completed 2 months ahead of schedule
  • 3 x 350kg condenser units were brought in via a helicopter, saving time and reducing cost
  • Recorded no LTI’s

Built Environs recently completed the Beaumaris Secondary College Project within a busy College campus.

The scope included the design and construction of new school buildings and the refurbishment of existing spaces along with associated external works and services to accommodate the growing enrolment capacity needs of the school.

Building A – Learning Hub

  • A three-level extension for Arts, Technology and Design and new Learning Community spaces
  • The conversion of the existing Art space into two new Science spaces for Theory and Physics
  • Landscaping and civil works, including a sensory garden, art deck, delivery driveway access and services compound.

Building B – Activities Centre

  • The expansion of the existing single-storey Food Technology building
  • A covered outdoor learning
  • External amphitheatre

Key Innovations:

Built Environs brought 3 x 350kg condenser units in via a helicopter allowing significant cost and time savings. Using a 250t mobile crane would have resulted in a local road closure for a full day, disrupting school students and local residents. 2 weeks of careful planning allowed incident-free installation in just 60 minutes.

Built Environs ensured minimal disruption to the live College environment and were able to hand this project over two months early as a result of design completion efficiencies and robust programming. All works were undertaken in a manner that facilitated safe access and movement by students, staff and visitors in and around the school campus and around the construction site, resulting in zero recorded LTI’s.

“I have found all of the Built Environs team to be respectful, and with a client focussed attitude. They have always been willing to understand our needs and accommodate them when possible. On the basis of my experience on the Stage 2 Project, I am very pleased to recommend Built Environs, and specifically this project team, to future clients.”

Debby Chaves, Principal – Beaumaris Secondary College Stage 2

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