Built Environs is a full-service construction company, delivering a complete range of building services from design consultation and management through to construction and fit-out

Our teams adopt a solutions-based approach to each project that fully engages with the customer and project team to collectively work towards achieving the best possible result.

Our collaborative approach—in which all team members are respected, given voice, and aligned with the project goals—consistently creates a high performance and solutions-driven project culture.

Our customers benefit from involving us early in the planning process through early contractor involvement contracts. During this early involvement phase, Built Environs works with our customers, partners and project stakeholders to identify opportunities to reduce both capital and ongoing costs while still delivering to the client’s high-quality specifications.

Our flexible approach to the contract form helps clients optimise their risk profile through development, minimise construction costs, and create certainty around handover of a quality facility ready for commercial use.

Commercial Frameworks

We have an established expertise in 6 Commercial Frameworks.