Bedford Park, South Australia


Construct Only


Flinders Medical Centre


6 months


A refurbishment that meets the needs of children and their families

Built Environs demolished and refurbished the 30-year-old paediatric ward on the fourth floor of Adelaide's Flinders Medical Centre, ensuring that highly sensitive areas continued to function above, below and adjacent the work site.

Site access was extremely restricted, with material brought directly into the work area through 130 m of winding internal corridors and a single back lane, with the aim of minimising disruption.

With the help of frequent meetings with representatives from the adjacent affected wards, open communication across the various service and trade teams and the use of specialist cabinet makers and other quality tradespeople, the Variety Children's Centre - a high quality paediatric care unit - was successfully delivered on time.

Fast Facts:

  • A new central nurse‚Äôs station with clear lines of sight to most rooms
  • A new day surgery area
  • High dependency rooms
  • Improved lighting, soundproofing and fireproofing
  • New glass-fronted patient rooms with adjoining ensuites
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