Customer: Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure and SA Health

Construction period: 21 Months

Contract type: GC21 Managing Contractor


Project Capabilities

Health and Aged Care

 Fast Facts:

  • Construction of a 22-bed inpatient ward and office and administration areas totalling 2,000m2.
  • Major refurbishments that added another 12 treatment spaces to the Emergency Department and expanded the outpatient facilities by 430m2.
  • New-build and refurbishment works to accommodate additional dental chairs and a sterilisation unit for the SA Dental Service.


Built Environs constructed an award-winning new major health facility at the Whyalla Hospital in regional South Australia. The project involved the construction of a 6,000m2 two level building, as well as the part-refurbishment of an existing 1980s building to accommodate a regional cancer centre, rehabilitation care, medical ward space, surgical space and health services.

Built Environs also managed the construction of 11 housing units to replace existing accommodation facilities, and provided car parking for 70 vehicles.

The project team sequenced the work to minimise disruption of the day-to-day functioning of the hospital and neighbouring businesses and residences. Ongoing communication and cooperation with hospital health and services staff, along with the engagement with neighbouring businesses and residents was critical to the smooth delivery of this significant hospital redevelopment.

The Whyalla Cancer Centre has been the recipient of a number of industry awards, including an Australian Institute of Building Award for Professional Excellence.


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