Port Stanvac, South Australia




South Australian Water


41 months


Safeguarding Adelaide's
urban water supplies

Built Environs constructed two 10,500 m2 process buildings, each containing 50 gigalitre per annum reverse osmosis and filtration equipment. 13 buildings were constructed to cater for administration areas, pump stations, a chemical plant, administration facilities and the permanent visitor’s centre (the Kauwi Interpretive Centre).

Each main process building was 114m long, 94m wide and 12m high, with interlocking service trenches, slabs of varying levels (services trench bases, gallery bases, ground slabs and suspended slabs) and areas of post-tensioned slabs. Steel and architecturally finished panels completed the building. To ensure the desalination plant was built to last, high-performance concrete, steel coatings and roofing systems were used which were able to cope with the challenging marine and chemical environment, and paid attention to detail in their design, materials selection and construction techniques.

Built Environs played a key part in the planning and delivery of the building works, working with the design process team to install the pipework and plant, liaising with numerous local and international organisations to expedite the design and construction of building works across an extremely complex site.

Fast Facts:

  • Two 10,500 m2 process buildings and associated out buildings
  • Two 50 giga litre per annum reverse osmosis and filtration equipment per building
  • 13 ancillary buildings
  • High-performance materials used to cope with the challenging marine and chemical environment
Adelaide Desalination Plant Project 05