Location: SA

Contract type:  AS 4902 Special Conditions

Construction Period: 4 months

Project Capabilities

Commercial Construction


Fast Facts:

  • The 1 MW system, consisting of over 12,500 panels over six roof tops.
  • Provides up to 40 per cent of the Adelaide Showground’s annual power needs.

In partnership with Solar Shop Australia, Built Environs completed the design and installation of Australia’s then-largest roof top solar panel system for South Australia’s Royal Agricultural and Horticultural Society. As well as the installation of the solar panels and associated systems, the project included structural upgrades to some of the buildings.

To help fast-track the project, Built Environs reviewed the loading capacity of the affected roof tops and determined that panels could be crane-loaded on to certain areas of the existing structures on pallets and distributed via trolleys on framing rails. This created a safer working environment and saved months of installation time. Innovations brought to the project included a clip-on extrusion framing system to minimise the number of roof penetrations and maintain the existing roof warranty, custom-made-drilling rigs for each of the major roof tops and a cloth and mesh system to prevent screw swarf entering the stormwater collection system.

As with the highly successful Goyder Pavilion construction, Built Environs completed the work in time for the opening of the Royal Adelaide Show, delivering the Adelaide Showground Solar Project two and a half months ahead of the contracted completion date.



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