Customer: Coles Property Group

Construction period: 10 months

Contract type: AS 4902 (Special Conditions)



Project Capabilities

Commercial Construction

Fast Facts

  • Construction of 4,200 m2 Coles supermarket
  • 250 m2 Liquorland
  • 500 m2 of speciality shops


Built Environs constructed a new shopping village in suburban Perth for the Coles Property Group. The project included the construction of 4,200 m2 Coles supermarket, a 250 m2 Liquorland, approximately 500 m2 of speciality shops, and forward works for a tavern, petrol station and McDonald’s restaurant, as well as car parking, service amenities and landscaping.

Undertaking civil works on a live roadway meant that full-time traffic management and supervision was required throughout construction. With building occurring next to a primary school, public safety was a significant concern for the project team. The site also contained asbestos, which was swiftly and safely removed, the majority of the site consisted of uncontrolled fill – sand, gravel, and construction detritus.

The Built Environs team applied an innovative vibrating compaction technique that minimised dust emissions and quickly brought the site up to base specifications. Through extensive planning and thorough coordination, Built Environs worked hard to facilitate the early handover the Coles Express and McDonald’s sites, and ultimately achieved practical completion of the job ahead of schedule.


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